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Green Roads World Review

About Green Roads

Green Roads is another major player in the CBD oil industry and has been helping people deal with a variety of medical conditions for quite a few years. . The company is based in Florida and is extremely well-known for their unique extraction process. One that delivers a full-spectrum CBD oil. We first came across GreenRoads when traveling throughout Florida on a road trip. They are practically sold in every dispensary. Apart from selling CBD oils, Green Roads sells a wide range of CBD goodies including CBD froggies, gummies, and even CBD for Pets. The company itself is fueled by one goal; to offer users a safe, effecitve to precrption painkillers and other over-the-counter drugs that contain dangerous chemicals.

Another major plus about this brand their variety of CBD infused products. The Green Roads site offers a huge range of products all based on their full-spectrum extraction which contains CBN,CBD, CBG and terpenes. Similar to all the brands on this site, you won’t find any solvents, pesticides, metals or any unnatural substances.

So, how much will Greed Roads hurt your pocket? Their bottles range between $27-$209, depending on the amount of CBD you need for your medical condition. If you are looking for some pure CBD, then definitely need to check out Green Roads. If you just want some snacks to boost your immune system then you should explore their new max strength froggies.

Standout features of Green Roads

Green Roads have absolutely everything a CBD oil novice needs to try their natural medication for the first time, but savvy CBD users should also be satisfied with the quality offered by the manufacturer.

Here’s why:

Competitive prices

Frankly speaking, CBD oil will never be cheap because the production involves many advanced processes, not to mention that the hemp used for the extraction is often imported from Europe.

If a company is trying to tell you they’re selling cheap, high-quality CBD oil, it’s probably a ripoff. These two terms don’t go together in one sentence – simple as that.

However, Green Roads offer competitive prices when compared to other brands on the market – even though they aren’t the cheapest in the industry. Their prices begin from $64 for the regular 350mg, but the exact price depends on the potency of the given product.

Exceptional customer service

Whenever you type the phrase “Green Roads reviews” in, you will find a myriad of reviews that praise their customer service. According to my own experience, I can tell you that their customer service is outstanding. Not only do they ship their CBD products to all 50 states, but they also provide a complex support to their clients through the following channels:

  • Official website
  • Facebook page
  • Telephone support

All products by Green Roads are 3rd party lab tested. In other words, you can verify if they do not fall short of the label claims. Thankfully, they don’t. When you visit Green Road’s official website, you can see the test results that confirm none of their products contain THC. But most importantly, their CBD oils are manufactured with a pharmaceutical-grade 99% pure cannabidiol, which is the best indicator of their quality.

Full transparency

Green Roads CBD oil is good for both oral application and vaping
The team at Green Roads doesn’t mess around. Their oil has a murky white color because it’s mixed with vegetable glycerine. This mixture allows the user to apply the oil on two levels. You can either apply the Green Roads CBD oil orally or vape it in a device.

That being said, Green Roads owns the throne when it comes to providing the customers with versatility.


If you want to enjoy the true quality of CBD oil and use products that are certified by 3rd-party tests from the state-licensed laboratories, you may want to consider Green Roads as a strong go-to. The company has been around for a while, selling their products to cannabis enthusiasts and patients since 2011.

The outstanding quality of their products, combined with the first-class customer service and availability, makes the company an evergreen position on every list of the best CBD oil manufacturers. If they don’t cease to develop in the current direction, they will eventually leave their golden mark on the history of the cannabis business.

I will vape to that!

RAVE METER                                                                                                        94%

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  • DavidDavid

    Author Reply

    I tried Greenroads CBD oil this afternoon when I ran out of Nuleaf CBD and needed to get some locally. In the Tampa, FL area, Greenroads appears to be stocked in almost every smoke shop. It has worked as well as my comparable Nuleaf product so far for back and joint pain.

  • mattmatt

    Author Reply

    Love the pain cream, as well as the 1500mg sublingual. It’s an amazing product I would suggest it to anyone.

  • AMAM

    Author Reply

    I am a chronic neck pain victim and have been using Green Roads for 6 mos now. It does not lessen my pain, but does control my pain related anxiety so I feel it’s kept my pain from getting worse which is huge. I was using the 500mg bottle, but now buy the 1000mg one which is perfect.

  • EmmaEmma

    Author Reply

    Bought this for my furry cat. She used to barf all over the floor in anxiety and was extra feisty. King kalm have done wonders on her, she’s much more calm and healthy now, even her hair falls down less.