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Robert Bergman, as the founder of ILGM, who started from a home grows on marijuana in 1950’s, which means Robert has absolutely rich experience(more than 25 years) on planting marijuana. With the benefits of marijuana increasing, he recognized that it was time to share his knowledge and techniques about growing marijuana, so, in 2012, Robert built up a team with his friends, who are also talented and interested in marijuana. And they gave a name to their team – I Love Growing Marijuana. At the beginning, they just share the knowledge and skills in growing marijuana, but one day, Robert, the leader of ILGM said that if they want to give people help on growing marijuana, why don’t they give the high-quality marijuana seeds first? Therefore, you can not only learn about the knowledge about growing marijuana, but also the quality assured seeds, as the saying goes: A good start is half the battle.

There are 4 types marijuana seeds in ILGM seeds bank: FEMINIZED creates delicious buds, AUTOFLOWERING wins the prize of “the No.1 super easy growing plants”, BEGINNER are suitable for beginners(his name told you), MEDICAL attributes for conditions. Every seed product has its own ID card, you can look through it quickly, and know about the basic information about it, and at the web page below, there would be a more detailed introduction about the seeds. If you are still in doubt, and do not want spend much money on this area, here are some recommended seeds and promotions on ILGM below.

Gorilla Glue by ILGM (fem)

A natural, more like a strong black coffee or dark & sweet moss scent of Gorilla Glue seeds possesses the high level of THC, which can bring you a total relaxation, happiness and uplifted feeling.

You’d better grow it indoors if you were trouble by the controlling of temperature, 18 ounces buds of every square meter, about 21 ounces buds per plant.

Girl Scout Cookies Extreme (fem)

As a hybrid between OG Kush and Durban Poison bred in California, Girl Scout Cookies Extreme is definitely suitable for the people who is suffering from suffering from major pain, loss of appetite, and nausea with its extremely high THC. It is also can be applied on Psychological Ailments, such as depression, nervousness, insomnia and stress.

White Widow (fem)

With its average high 19% THC(or even higher), White Widow can give a strong energy and exhilaration to your brain. These seeds grow into crystalized buds which are full of resin, it just like a buds dipped in sugar, but the smell of it is pungent with spicy, or even with peppery and citrus scent. For medical use, White Widow is effective on ailments and chronic conditions as below.

If you purchase White Widow right now, you can get a promotion that “Buy 10, get 10 for free!

Blueberry Autoflower

Blueberry Autoflower is a cult strain with high CBD, and because of its beautiful blue color exterior and the sweet aroma and flavor, it can bring people into a relaxing status. So, it means Blueberry Autoflower would effective on physical and psychological ailments.

As the honorary seeds seller, ILGM indicates the side effects of smoking Blueberry for newcomers due to its strong, like dry mouth & eyes, dizzy, paranoid, and headache.

Bergman’s Gold Leaf (fem)

A very very high level of both THC and CBD in Bergman’s Gold Leaf. Created by Robert Bergman, the founder of I Love Growing Marijuana, Bergman’s Gold Leaf has been refined to be a high-quality sativa-style seeds. With its spicy and sweet aroma, it create the perfect blend of euphoria and uplifting creativity.

This is a kind of seeds who are easily to grow, even in the summer outdoors, but it also delivery high yields, about 15-23 ounces per square meter.

The Complete Marijuana Seed & Grow Set

If you are worried about the growing process can not be easy, The Complete Seeds would be your best choice. The whole package contains all the things you need when you start growing – seeds, fertilizer, and protector.

There are 5 different sets that you can purchase it by your style, they are “For Beginners, White Widow, Medical, Bergman’s Gold Leaf and Heavy Yield”, and most exciting news is that every set is on sale! You can save up to $68 on Heavy Yield!

Seeds Mixpacks

Excessive seed products can really make people feel difficult when making decisions, but ILGM Seeds Mixpacks solve the problem for you. There are thousands of mixpacks which contain 5 or 10 of each from 3 strains, it may be Autoflower Mixpack with Amnesia Haze Autoflower, Blueberry Autoflower, Northern Lights Autoflower, or Beginner Mixpack contains White Widow feminized, AK-47 feminized, Bubble Gum feminized, etc. It is absolutely a good way for you to choose the best one.

And you know what? If you buy the Mixpacks, you can easily save a lot of money and up to $178! What are you waiting for? Click  to find more useful information.

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