Pure Spectrum CBD Review

Pure Spectrum is committed to revolutionizing the phytocannabinoid industry. Pure Spectrums’ mission is to establish a new, higher standard for manufacturing phytocannabinoids. Our goal is to deliver the purest, most reliable phytocannabinoid wellness products on the world market today, while developing the most effective techniques and methods to deliver the relief these products can provide. All of our infusions are produced under stringent, quality-controlled standards. Our objective is to improve our customers’ daily lives by exceeding their needs and expectations by having the safest, tested pure and potent phytocannabinoid products. Through continuing education and refinement of our products and services, we intend to maintain our position at the forefront of this emerging industry.


Honestly, this is a very reliable company. They are more concerned with the customers’ purchase and use experience. If you don’t know which brand to buy, you should probably try Pure Spectrum CBD.

About Pure Spectrum CBD

They are a strict company, and all product quality is strictly controlled. They always believe that good product quality can be recognized by consumers, also, they always consider that caring for consumers is the goal of the company’s development, just like their CEO said “Doing the right thing and always looking out for the customer. The rest will take care of itself.”

In an effort to bring transparency and standardization to this industry, they post our test results for all Pure Spectrum products right on their website for the world to see.   View

Recommended Products

Pure Spectrum CBD products are less than other brands, no Gummies, no Drinks. But they’re the first company with CBD cartridges and the effect is great.

The Hemp Oil Tincture are quite noticeable from an effect perspective. This is also their highest rated product.It no taste or little taste making you feel uncomfortable when taking it.Also, there isn’t a concern with flavoring agents that could cause harm.The tincture may be taken orally, or used an additive to a standard vape rig. It is almost tasteless, and will not affect your favorite vaping flavors.


Ingredients: MCT oil, hemp oil, terpenes.

Pure Spectrum offers vape catridges with different flavors such as bubble gum (Pure Spectrum CBD states that their products will never contain pesticides nor herbicides).Vaping CBD has an immediate calming and clarifying effect, it helps to relieve depression or anxiety attacks immediately. But i think their bubblegum is too sweet,  if you like sweet taste, then you should try it.


People also like the mouthpiece and overall design of the cartridges. They are really easy to use, just screw them onto a compatible battery. If you don’t already have a compatible battery, Pure Spectrum sells a basic pen for only $15.

More about Pure Spectrum

1.They batch test every product and provide test results with every purchase
2.Manufactured in a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Certified Lab
3.Third party tested for potency and pesticides (although results are not listed)
4.Offer organic, non GMO products
5.Items may be returned within 14 days
6.Made in the USA

Final Thoughts

Consumers of Pure Spectrum CBD like the brand, and as the brand says, they really care about their consumers. If you are looking for a reliable CBD brand, don’t forget to try Pure Spectrum CBD.

For more product introductions, please visit the official website:





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