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Pure Spectrum is committed to revolutionizing the phytocannabinoid industry. Pure Spectrums’ mission is to establish a new, higher standard for manufacturing phytocannabinoids. Our goal is to deliver the purest, most reliable phytocannabinoid wellness products on the world market today, while developing the most effective techniques and methods to deliver the relief these products can provide. All of our infusions are produced under stringent, quality-controlled standards. Our objective is to improve our customers’ daily lives by exceeding their needs and expectations by having the safest, tested pure and potent phytocannabinoid products. Through continuing education and refinement of our products and services, we intend to maintain our position at the forefront of this emerging industry.


Honestly, this is a very reliable company. They are more concerned with the customers’ purchase and use experience. If you don’t know which brand to buy, you should probably try Pure Spectrum CBD.

About Pure Spectrum CBD

The Pure Spectrum company is located in Evergreen, Colorado, and provides series of fabulous CBD items made by their unique “seed-to-sale” policy. The family-operated Pure Spectrum company is aimed to helping its customers, according to offering organic, non-GMO hemp oil, and donating 1% of their sales to charity organizations connected with promoting CBD medicine.

The Pure Spectrum company provides high-quality CBD products with offered elaborate lab test results, showing us that they have nothing to hide and stand by their guarantees of the accurate CBD content listed on the labels on their CBD products.

In addition that in the Pure Spectrum column is that they offer an excellent customer support, answer all the questions, and they pack and ship their orders within 12 hours after receiving the payment, that means the customers will get their orders in about 2 to 3 business days.

Recommended Products & Instructions

The Pure Spectrum offered a relatively narrow range of products before. At past, they were only producing tinctures, salve, isolate and multiple vaping products. For now, they offer a much wider range of CBD products, besides the products we mentioned above, also offer Black Label Canabidiol Oil and even CBD products for pets.

Pure Spectrum CBD Tinctures
The company has a large wide of tinctures that includes concentrations ranging from 250 to 5,000 mg. The product vategories lines are below:

Regular Strength
Black Label
Cannabidiol Elixir

These tinctures are used to improve health condition in people and pets (Endopet). Using these CBD tinctures for joint and muscle pain and to get stress and anxiety relief. These oils are suitable for those who wish to have high bioavailability of organically sourced products for themselves or pets.

When you take it orally, put a few drops under your tongue and let them sit for 30 to 90 seconds without swallowing. When using them on pets, please drip them into food.

Pure Spectrum CBD Topicals
The eight CBD topicals on its website:

Lavender Salve
Natural Salve
Recover: High Concentration Salve
Restore: Hydrating Face Cream
Rejuvenate: Eucalyptus Mint Bath Soak
Recharge: Magnesium Bath Soak
Detox: Ginger Bath Soak
Calm: Lavender Relaxing Soak

These are skin care products that are directly applied to the skin to relieve muscles or joints, and some can be used in the bath to cause body relaxation. These products are ideal for people suffering from joint pain and muscle inflammation.

Gently apply ointment or cream to the body or facial area. Soak the bath in water to recover and relax.

Pure Spectrum CBD Isolates
There are also various-sizes CBD isolate products on shelves:

1 Gram 99% CBD Isolate
5 Gram 99% CBD Isolate
10 Gram 99% CBD Isolate
20 Gram 99% CBD Isolate
50 Gram 99% CBD Isolate

CBD isolates is a quick choice to obtain the benefits of cannabidiol. It can be used for cooking or daily use to meet the specific needs of the body. These items are ideal for those who want to achieve their physical health goals and solve health problems in the most effective way.

The choice of this pure CBD isolate is wide: 1,000mg, 5,000mg, and 100,000 mg. Bulk sizes with larger concentrations are also offered, too.

Pure Spectrum CBD Black Label
The Black Label line offers tincture oil, Recover salve and Recharge bath soak. The tinctures tastes refreshing, and its CBD content is twice that of ordinary tinctures.

Recover Slave is a potent topical that also contains a high CBD content, bringing relief after intense exercises. Recharge Bath Soak has 25mg of CBD, making it an effective mixture which is relaxing.

These products are ideal for people who live an active lifestyle, such as athletes and people who work long hours and tired. By dropping drops under the tongue, let it absorb for 30 to 90 seconds. Do not swallow until the time passes by.

For salve treatment, gently massage the muscles and apply it to areas that require attention. As for the bath soak, please add it to the water, then sit in the bathtub to fully relax and recover.

Pure Spectrum CBD Endopet
Endopet is a cannabidiol formula made specifically for pets: cats & dogs.

Cannabidiol Oil for Dogs
Cannabidiol Oil for Cats
Cannabidiol for Hip and Joint Relief

The CBD oil for dogs offers sizes for small, medium, and large strains. These cannabis oil products can be used to keep hips, joints and muscles healthy, allowing pets to continue to be happy, playful and energetic without discomfort.

They are made from organic cannabis and are ideal for pet owners who want to grow their pets healthily. For best results, measure the dosage, and then add the oil to the pet’s food or take it orally.

Final Thoughts

Consumers of Pure Spectrum CBD like the brand, and as the brand says, they really care about their consumers. If you are looking for a reliable CBD brand, don’t forget to try Pure Spectrum CBD.

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